Saturday, February 6, 2010

Love the Succulents

As I was reading (one of) my favorite blog AKA Studio G, I came across this website for succulents. Succulents have to be a favorite of mine…they are easy to care for, take low, low water and have the most unusually pretty shapes and colors. On her designs are creative and really beautiful. Also, her personal site is a good read plus it cemented the fact that my blog is pretty much chump change compared to most blogs online. UGH……I have WAY more work to do!!!


Harvest What??

All this rain has me thinking about the importance of rain-water harvesting! I mean I know we are in a water crisis here in CA and I know about the ways we can reduce our personal water usage…(see ricky rain drop posting)....but harvesting rain water??? Sounds so complicated don’t you think? Sounds like those “weird” tree hugger types do this??? So, off into the galaxy far, far away (the Internet) I went to find out about harvesting rain water and to really understand how to do it. I mean….how hard could it REALLY be??

Upon reading I found it was not quite THAT difficult….it will take come cash up front to have the system installed and set up, but after that from what I read it pretty much pays for itself monetarily PLUS knowing you are doing something good for Mother Earth seems pretty awesome too!!

Trust me there are a bunch of different types of systems out there….they go from simple to pretty much speaking a different language to me.

I strongly suggest reading about it and at least understanding it more then you already do. It was fascinating to read about the “forward thinking” some of these companies have and just the down right great ideas they have! Have fun reading and your comments/suggestions are always appreciated. Have a great day!!

Some Helpful Websites: - find out how much H20 you can harvest with this online calculator.